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Pluralsight Getting Started with NET Core for Windows Developers|691.63 MB

Pluralsight – Getting Started with .NET Core for Windows Developers
Release: 18-Nov-2016

With .NET Core, you can now run and develop apps on a wide variety of operating systems including macOS, Windows, and many Linux distros. Gone is the need for Windows. In this course, Getting Started with .NET Core for Windows Developers, you’ll learn how to create a variety of .NET Core applications. First, you’ll learn how to create cross-platform .NET Core console applications. Then, you’ll get a look at the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which is built on top of .NET Core, to build a single app that runs on any Windows 10 device. You’ll see this app run as a Windows Desktop app, Mobile app, and on an XBox. Next, you will investigate creating reusable libraries that target .NET Standard. You will see how a single binary can be consumed by all .NET platforms and you’ll refactor your apps to use this single binary in your .NET Core console app, UWP app, and even a Xamarin.Forms mobile cross-platform app. Finally, you’ll learn how to easily package up this library as a NuGet package with the new dotnet CLI and how to write tests with the new .NET Core test model. The course will wrap up by taking a peek at the future of .NET Core. By the time you’re finished with this course, you’ll be comfortable building a .NET Core app.

-Course Overview 1m 37s
Course Overview 1m 37s
-Building Console Apps with .NET Core 56m 34s
Module Intro 0m 29s
What to Install 5m 22s
dotnet new 5m 57s
dotnet restore, build, and run 4m 16s
Create a .NET Core Console App in Visual Studio 1m 39s
Visual Studio Calls the dotnet CLI 1m 53s
How Code Executes with the .NET Framework 6m 4s
How Code Executes with .NET Core 1m 24s
Cross Platform and Open Source 1m 32s
Modularity 4m 14s
Project Uses All Files on Disk 5m 14s
Default Package References from Microsoft.NETCore.App 3m 50s
Adding Package References 4m 18s
dotnet publish To My Mac 4m 24s
Deployment: FDD vs SCD 4m 19s
Quiz: dotnet Host 1m 39s
-Building UWP Apps with .NET Core 30m 21s
The Universal Windows Platform 1m 49s
Installing the Windows 10 SDKs 1m 13s
Enabling Windows Developer Mode 0m 18s
Creating a UWP App 4m 9s
UWP Uses MSBuild 2m 23s
Running the Sample App 3m 22s
Rearrange the Projects 1m 21s
The UniversalWindowsPlatform Metapackage 4m 57s
The Windows Runtime and Extension SDKs 4m 14s
Runs on XBOX 3m 52s
.NET Native 2m 43s
-Targeting the .NET Standard Library 47m 52s
Creating A .NET Standard Library 1m 46s
Retargeting a PCL to .NET Standard 3m 30s
Adding Package References to Our Library 1m 45s
Referencing netstandard from netcoreapp 2m 54s
Referencing netstandard from a UWP App 2m 39s
.NET Standard Works with the .NET Framework Too 3m 33s
Cross-compiling a Console App for Multiple Frameworks in a Single Project 5m 41s
Cross-compiling Libraries and Linking Files 4m 9s
Along Came PCLs 3m 41s
.NET Standard Is the Next Gen PCL 4m 12s
.NET Standard Is Like an Interface 4m 46s
.NET Standard Versioning Questions 4m 8s
Let APIs Be Your Guide 3m 19s
Key Takeaways 1m 49s
-Sharing .NET Core Libraries as NuGet Packages 20m 22s
Sharing Libraries with NuGet Packages 0m 51s
dotnet pack 2m 21s
Dissecting the NuGet Packages 1m 5s
Configuring Package Metadata 2m 10s
nuget add to Publish Our Package to a Private NuGet Folder Feed 1m 59s
Installing Xamarin Tools 1m 27s
Creating a Xamarin.Forms Project 3m 35s
PCL Troubleshooting with NETStandard 4m 11s
It Runs on Android Too 2m 43s
-Testing with .NET Core 16m 21s
Creating and Running a Test Project 2m 33s
Test Project Files 3m 2s
Running Tests in Visual Studio 1m 33s
Complying with global.json When Adding References for Testing 4m 19s
Testing Our Library That Targets NETStandard 2m 42s
Testing Multiple Target Frameworks with One Test Project 1m 46s
Bug – xproj to csproj Adds xproj 0m 26s
-The Future 22m 48s
Installing the Latest .NET Core SDK 1m 58s
MSBuild is Replacing project.json 3m 33s
Restoring and Building with MSBuild 3m 9s
dotnet migrate 3m 24s
Cross-platform MSBuild 1m 57s
Major Release Dates and Roadmap Docs 3m 31s
.NET Core Is the Future of .NET 5m 16s

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