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Amish Shah - Project Yourself
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An invitation from Inc. 500 entrepreneur & metaphysical explorer Amish Shah to the spiritually liberated person who wants to make a bigger impact: COULD THESE DORMANT HUMAN POWERS & ANCIENT TECHNOLOGIES TURN YOU INTO A REALITY-BENDING SUPERHUMAN? Read on to discover the secrets buried in a 12,000-year-old ancient symbol: harnessed by the world's most successful people to bend time and space, master the deepest truths of the universe, & overcome monumental challenges
"Amish Shah is what you'd get if Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra and Indiana Jones had a surprise lovechild. His unique mind-body-spirit approach to success and bending reality gives me that same sense of personal power as when I first discovered meditation." - Glen McNiel
Attention: this message is crucial to you if feel urgently drawn towards any of these statements:
You are inspired by how millions of people worldwide are waking up and challenging ?old world' systems, from financial and political to medical and social.
You aspire to reinvent your own life, elevate your belief system, and expand your worldview both scientifically and spiritually.
You can feel a calling to ride this wave of change, contribute to this momentum, and swiftly liberate yourself from the limiting beliefs and barriers holding you back.
You often wonder why, despite your best efforts, you still can't break through to where you want to be in your career, relationships, health and happiness.
You sometimes see recurring patterns, or experience flashes of a power or a connection to something greater than yourself - as if there's an untapped potential deep inside you.
If you connect with any of what I just said... then what you're about to discover will give you the power to elevate yourself and your loved ones to a new playing field. So pay very close attention!
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Dear reality-defying optimist...
Bruce Lee was one of my childhood heroes.
(Heck, he still is...)
When I was 6, I'd spend hours in front of my living room's dinky TV... as I marveled at Bruce downing entire armies with his flying kicks and fiery gaze.
Then, I'd run onto my lawn, and try out some of those acrobatic moves myself.
But the outcome was always the same: I'd fall on my ass, and look more like a clown than a Jeet Kune Do expert.
And if life has ever thrown you on your ass - literally or figuratively - then I bet you've asked yourself this same question:
How do high-flying people make the impossible look effortless?
If this was any other random life advice article... it would remind you that the world's greatest achievers practice day and night to reach that level of effortless mastery.
Then it would encourage you to go out and do the same for your passions. Your career and finances. Your health and relationships.
But, as many curious people like you have suspected all this time... that's only half the truth. The mainstream, diluted, media-friendly truth.
The whole truth about super-achievers and their reality-bending feats - from cultural icons like Bruce Lee... to Olympic athletes... to billionaire entrepreneurs, Nobel prize winners, award-winning philanthropists and visionary artists, is this:
Many of these extraordinary people are harnessing specific natural phenomena...
Unlocking certain mind-body 'tools' lying dormant within us...
And even tapping into little-known ancient technologies...
that allow them to bend into the fabric of reality itself!
As a person on your own spiritual journey, I'm sure you already know there's a vast expanse of human potential that most of us have not even begun to touch. But do you know how deep down the rabbit hole really goes?
Socrates once said,
The people who know this fact - and act on it - are the ones who time and time again are able to pull off feats most of us spend our entire lives trying (and failing) to do.
Whether it's conditioning their bodies into a state of peak youthfulness, energy and flexibility...
(While the average person is either out of shape or bombarded with ailments)
Flawlessly juggling multiple multi-million dollar businesses...
(While the rest of us struggle to make ends meet)
Achieving a state of elevated fulfillment, where they are constantly attuned to their purpose and truest nature...
(While other spiritual explorers may be stuck regressing into unwanted thought patterns and habits)
Going from rich to broke to rich again in the blink of an eye...
(While most other entrepreneurs and professionals can't even get rich once)
Pulling ingenious ideas out of thin air, and following through with movements that elevate billions of lives...
(While everyone else has trouble even getting one idea off the ground)
Or creating spellbinding works of art that inspire and redefine people's perceptions of reality...
(While other artists and creative types desperately seek ongoing inspiration)
What really separates these out-of-this-world achievers from the rest of us?
The answer, as you're about to discover in the next few lines, may be that final nudge you need to take your life to a whole new level of abundance and fulfillment.
But first... how would your life change if you too had access to this 'unfair' advantage?
Imagine waking up some time in the near future, in a cozy beachfront villa, with a gorgeous someone curled up right next to you...
And no longer feeling pressured byany of the pesky hang-ups... worrying global events... or financial, relationship or health issues that for years have sabotaged your growth.
Why are you so assured? Because you've now conditioned your mind, body & spirit to be untouchable by these saboteurs.
Instead of obstacles, you now see opportunities and platforms to give back. Positive outcomes and people are drawn to you every day like moths to flame. You feel blissfully grateful, deeply content, and faithful that every new day will be even better than the last.
And as you prop yourself upright on your bed, a sudden realization leaves you with a big, cheesy grin:
Your life is now an exhilarating, fulfilling, no-holds-barred adventure. The kind some people make movies about.
So you reach for your iPad, and start checking your email.
Your best buddy is inviting you on an exotic tour of ruins in Southeast Asia.
Yep, sounds good, you'll go.
Your co-worker is thanking you for solving that tricky problem during yesterday's brainstorm.
You reply with a "You're most welcome".
An award-winning philanthropist is asking for your opinion on a top secret project that will change countless lives worldwide.
You bounce back a few creative ideas.
A business journalist is asking to interview you for their blog.
You oblige.
A self help guru is asking you - rather aggressively - to buy his new goal setting/meditation/Law of Attraction program.
You hit 'delete'.
Because when it comes to your personal evolution, you don't need to hop on any overhyped bandwagon.
Not when you already have your own key to success: an ancient 'game plan' that empowers you to bend every rule of reality in your favor... and enrich your life with incredible powers that are already hidden within you... and that others only ever experience in flashes.
This 'game plan' is what I want to share with you on this page - but only when you first answer me one question...
"What's the BIG excuse I feed myself every day to shield my ego from the fact that I'm not yet where I want to be?"
Is it the precarious economy or the looming shadow of debt jeopardizing your bank account?
The ever-shifting industry, fickle customers and cutthroat competition challenging your business or career?
The relentless information overload keeping you stressed, sick, and awake at night?
The endless responsibilities that suck up your time and trap you in a passionless cycle of exhaustion?
Nasty GMOs, environmental crises and a broken healthcare system wreaking havoc on your health?
Or is it your age, your upbringing, your lack of talent, your personality flaw, your naysayers, or some unforgettable incident from your past?
Whatever your excuse is, there's one irrefutable reason I believe it's totally irrelevant:
Because nothing on this planet has the power to suppress your infinite potential... but YOU!
To prove it, I'm going to share with you the strange but true story of how I - a broke, awkward kid getting into trouble with the law - was able to beat all circumstances, odds and excuses...
And become not only a financially free Inc. 500 Entrepreneur who's had the chance to build multiple multi-million dollar companies (plus work with some of the world's most respected entrepreneurs, marketers and transformational leaders)...

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