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StataCorp Stata 14.2

StataCorp Stata 14.2 | 345.6 mb
StataCorp LP. has released Stata 14.2 (Revision 16 Nov 2016), is a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

Stata is a powerful statistical software that enables users to analyze, manage, and produce graphical visualizations of data. It is primarily used by researchers in the fields of economics, biomedicine, and political science to examine data patterns. It has both a command line and graphical user interface making the use of the software more intuitive.

What's new in update 16 Nov 2016:

1. You can now comment or uncomment a selection of lines in the Do-file Editor by selecting the "Edit > Advanced > Toggle comment" menu item.

2. Mata function _docx*() has the following improvement and fix:

a. New Mata function _docx_cell_set_border(dh, tid, i, j, name, val,
color) allows you to format the borders of the cell on the ith
row and jth column, in which name, val, and color specify the
border name, border style, and border color.
b. _docx_table_set_width(dh, tid, type, w), when argument type was
auto, did not make the columns in a table automatically fit the
contents. This has been fixed.

3. _diparm after meglm, melogit, meprobit, mecloglog, meologit,
meoprobit, mepoisson, menbreg, and mestreg, when eqname referred to a
variance component, incorrectly exited with error message "equation
___ not found". _diparm now works as documented.

4. margins has the following fixes:

a. margins with option asbalanced exited with an uninformative error
message when factor variables were included in a model fit using
gsem, meglm, melogit, meprobit, mecloglog, mepoisson, menbreg,
meologit, meoprobit, mestreg, xtologit, or xtoprobit. margins
now computes the requested marginal means, predictive margins, or
marginal effects.
b. margins, when used after ologit or oprobit with no indepvars or a
model Wald test with zero degrees of freedom, exited with error
message "0 invalid name" instead of computing the requested
margins. This has been fixed.
c. margins after xtreg, be with option wls incorrectly exited with
an uninformative error message. margins now works as documented.

5. Mata function setCellTopBorderWidth(i, j, sz) incorrectly removed the right border instead of the top border of the cell on the ith row and jth column when the specified size sz was 0. This has been fixed.

6. ml Description did not update starting values for use with ml. This has been fixed.

7. predict with option reffects or mu after fitting a model with meglm, melogit, meprobit, mecloglog, meologit, meoprobit, mepoisson, menbreg, or mestreg could return zero values instead of the empirical Bayes mean estimates for groups with a large number of observations. This has been fixed.

8. predict with option latent or mu after fitting a model with gsem could return zero values instead of the empirical Bayes mean estimates for groups with a large number of observations. This has been fixed.

9. qnorm, when used with qualifier if or in, drew a y-axis scale that accounted for the observations not selected by the if or in condition. This has been fixed.

10. Stata function regexs(), when used in an expression, could crash or produce wrong results in Stata/MP. The incorrect results were most often scrambled text. This has been fixed.

11. sem with option technique(bhhh), when the model was not identified, sometimes exited with an uninformative error message before reaching the maximum number of iterations. This has been fixed.

12. stcrreg, when the data were stset using option exit(), reported incorrect numbers of competing risks and censored observations. The estimated coefficients were not affected. This has been fixed.

13. uselabel, when used to create a dataset from labels that contained numeric values requiring double precision, incorrectly stored the values in float precision. This has been fixed.

14. xtlogit, xtprobit, and xtcloglog with option vce(robust) or option vce(cluster panelvar) and prefix by incorrectly included the whole sample in the calculation of the standard errors instead of limiting the sample to each by-group. This has been fixed.

15. translate has the following improvement and fix:

a. (Mac) Translators smcl2prn, txt2prn, smcl2pdf, and txt2pdf of
translate now support translator settings pagesize, pagewidth,
and pageheight. These settings let you, for example, specify
landscape printing for a standard letter page (11 x 8.5 inches).
For more information, see [R] translate.
b. (Mac) On some Macs, using translate to export the Results or
Viewer window to a PDF file could print the contents of the
window instead. This has been fixed.

StataCorp Stata 14.2

About StataCorp LP

StataCorp LP develops, distributes, and supports statistical software. Its products include Stata, which provides an integrated statistics, graphics, and data-management solution for data analyzers; and Stata/MP, which provides support for multiple-processor computers and multicore computers of various statistics and data-management packages. The company also offers two and three day courses, on-site training courses, short courses, seminars, and Web-based courses for learning Stata. In addition, it publishes a peer-reviewed quarterly journal, as well as books on Stata and statistics. Further, StataCorp LP sells mugs, shirts, caps, polos, mouse pads, USB drives, bookmarks, computer briefcases, natural sandstone coasters, black Stata tote, books, and journals online. The company primarily serves the government, corporate, and educational sectors. StataCorp LP offers its products through its distributors and resellers in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in College Station, Texas.

Product: StataCorp Stata
Version: 14.2 (Revision 16 Nov 2016)
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10
Size: 345.6 mb

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