Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 18:18
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House and Garden - March 2015 (True PDF)
House and Garden - March 2015
English | 196 pages | True PDF | 67.00 Mb
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 18:11
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The Ideal Home and Garden - March 2015
The Ideal Home and Garden - March 2015
English | PDF | 148 pages | 80.7 MB
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 05:15
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Windows Phone 8 in Action
Windows Phone 8 in Action by Timothy Binkley-Jones
English | Jan 26, 2014 | ISBN: 1617291374 | 496 Pages | PDF | 17 MB

Windows Phone 8 in Action is a comprehensive guide to developing apps for the WP8 platform. It covers the Windows Phone Runtime and .NET APIs used to work with a phone's sensors and hardware, including the accelerometer, camera, gyroscope, GPS, and microphone. You will learn to write code to dial the phone, write emails, send text messages, and recognize speech. The book also teaches you to build applications that use location and push notification.
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 05:12
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Flavor Flours
Flavor Flours: A New Way to Bake with Teff, Buckwheat, Sorghum, Other Whole & Ancient Grains, Nuts & Non-Wheat Flours by Alice Medrich, Maya Klein
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1579655130 | 368 pages | PDF | 37 MB

In this monumental new work, beloved dessert queen Alice Medrich applies her baking precision and impeccable palate to flavor flours-wheat-flour alternatives including rice flour, oat flour, corn flour, sorghum flour, teff, and more. The resulting (gluten-free!) recipes show that baking with alternate flours adds an extra dimension of flavor. Brownies made with rice flour taste even more chocolaty. Buckwheat adds complexity to a date and nut cake. Ricotta cheesecake gets bonus flavor from a chestnut flour crust; teff is used to make a chocolate layer cake that can replace any birthday cake with equally pleasing results. All of the nearly 125 recipes-including Double Oatmeal Cookies, Buckwheat Gingerbread, Chocolate Chestnut Souffl? Cake, and Blueberry Corn Flour Cobbler-take the flavors of our favorite desserts to the next level.
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 05:08
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Donna Dewberry's Essential One-Stroke Painting Reference
Donna Dewberry, "Donna Dewberry's Essential One-Stroke Painting Reference"
English | ISBN: 1600611311, 1600617565 | 2009 | EPUB | 160 pages | 7 MB

The ultimate guide to one-stroke painting
Become a one-stroke wonder with this all-in-one reference! Here, beloved decorative painter and PBS television instructor Donna Dewberry takes you step-by-step through more than 60 demonstrations using her popular One-Stroke techniques.
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 05:02
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Fundamentals of Office 365 (Computer Fundamentals)
Kevin Wilson, "Fundamentals of Office 365 (Computer Fundamentals)"
English | ISBN: 149529689X | 2014 | EPUB | 118 pages | 5,8 MB

Use Office 365 the easy way. Clear concise and to the point...

Learn how to use and navigate Microsoft Office 365 a new revolutionary technology that allows users and businesses to work in a 'virtual office' in the cloud.
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 03:45
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Fundamentals of Windows 8.1 (Computer Fundamentals)
Kevin Wilson, "Fundamentals of Windows 8.1 (Computer Fundamentals)"
English | ISBN: 1494923157 | 2014 | EPUB | 116 pages | 6 MB

Learn Windows 8.1 the easy way. Clear concise and to the point...

Teach yourself how to navigate and use the most radical redesign of Windows in Microsoft's history.
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 03:41
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Fundamentals of IOS 8: With iPad (Computer Fundamentals)
Kevin Wilson, "Fundamentals of IOS 8: With iPad (Computer Fundamentals)"
English | ISBN: 1500999032 | 2014 | EPUB | 102 pages | 3,6 MB

Learn to use your the fundamentals of iOS 8 the easy way, no jargon. Clear, concise and to the point...
iOS 8 is the latest release of Apple's mobile operating system and run on some cool little devices, and are widely used by both beginners and experienced users.
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 03:36
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The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook
Editors at America's Test Kitchen, "The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook: Every Recipe, Every Ingredient Testing, Every Equipment Rating from all 7 Seasons"
ISBN: 1936493918 | 2014 | EPUB | 502 pages | 84 MB
Author: way_vs on 1-02-2015, 03:32
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The Food of Indonesia: Delicious Recipes from Bali, Java and the Spice Islands
Heinz Von Holzen, Lother Arsana, "The Food of Indonesia: Delicious Recipes from Bali, Java and the Spice Islands"
ISBN: 0804845131 | 2015 | PDF | 112 pages | 15 MB

The fabled Spice Islands of Indonesia encompass the most astonishing physical and cultural diversity in Asia. This book introduces a sampling of the most popular recipes from across the archipelago. Included are Spicy Padang favorites from West Sumatra, healthy Javanese vegetable creations, succulent satays and barbecued poultry dishes from Bali and Lombok, and unusual recipes from Kalimanta and the remote eastern isles of Indonesia. In addition to the range of exciting recipes, this cookbook acquaints the reader with Indonesia's varied cultural and culinary traditions.


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