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Celebrations at the Country House
Carolyn Westbrook, "Celebrations at the Country House"
English | ISBN: 1423645774 | 2017 | EPUB | 208 pages | 30 MB

A celebration of hospitality and leisurely meals in a historic country home.

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The NYC Kitchen Cookbook
Tracey Ceurvels, "The NYC Kitchen Cookbook: 150 Recipes Inspired by the Specialty Food Shops, Spice Stores, and Markets of New York City"
English | ISBN: 1510721126 | 2017 | EPUB | 216 pages | 32 MB

Satiate your sense of wanderlust and take an edible journey around New York City with food and travel journalist Tracey Ceurvels. In The NYC Kitchen Cookbook, Tracey shares her tasty adventures with foodie fans nationwide and explains how to use the flavorful ingredients found in NYC to make simple yet sensational meals for any occasion.

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The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipes from around the Globe
Tracey Fine, Georgie Tarn, "The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipes from around the Globe"
English | ISBN: 1510717188 | 2017 | EPUB | 232 pages | 15,4 MB

Strap on your apron, reinvent tradition, and fill your Jewish kitchen with global flavors.

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Automobile Automation: Distributed Cognition on the Road
Automobile Automation: Distributed Cognition on the Road (Transportation Human Factors) by Victoria A. Banks, Neville A. Stanton
2017 | ISBN: 1138196835, 1138067938 | English | 188 pages | PDF | 8 MB

Increasing levels of driving automation has changed the role of the driver from active operator to passive monitor. However, Systems Design has been plagued by criticism for failing to acknowledge the new role of the driver within the system network. To understand the driver's new role within an automated driving system, the theory of Distributed Cognition is adopted. This approach provides a useful framework for the investigation of allocation of function between multiple agents in the driving system. A Systems Design Framework has been developed that outlines how the Distributed Cognition paradigm can be applied to driving using both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

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New Bathroom Idea Book (Taunton Home Idea Books)
New Bathroom Idea Book (Taunton Home Idea Books) by Jamie Gold
2017 | ISBN: 163186405X | English | 224 pages | PDF | 32 MB

The bathroom continues to be one area of the house that homeowners are willing to spend money on. This all-new edition of Bathroom Idea Book―a virtual designer's notebook of ideas, inspiration, and information―will be a homeowner's first step in turning a dream bath into a real one, whether it's new construction or a remodel.

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The Family Cabin: Inspiration for Camps, Cottages, and Cabins
The Family Cabin: Inspiration for Camps, Cottages, and Cabins by Dale Mulfinger
2017 | ISBN: 1631866524 | English | 272 pages | PDF | 58 MB

Dale Mulfinger is widely acknowledged as the foremost expert on cabins in North America. His first book, The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway, has sold almost 200,000 copies and has consistently been the leading book in the category since it was published in 2001. In this new collection of 37 cabins, Mulfinger rekindles his love for this treasured American icon with fresh insight and seasoned strategies for the logic, utility, and beauty of cabin design.

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Built-Ins Idea Book
Built-Ins Idea Book by Heather J. Paper
2017 | ISBN: 1631866559 | English | 176 pages | PDF | 29 MB

Built-ins make a house more functional, livable, personal, and comfortable. A smaller kitchen with well-placed built-ins can be more efficient and inviting than a great big kitchen. A bathroom may become instantly more useful and less cramped with the addition of just one or two well-placed built-ins. And built-ins can claim potentially lost space, say the space under a sloped ceiling or the space under the stairs. They can also fill a space that's too big or smooth out irregular corners.

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Analysing Design Thinking: Studies of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation
Analysing Design Thinking: Studies of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation by Bo T. Christensen, Linden J. Ball, Kim Halskov
2017 | ISBN: 1138748447, 1138632570 | English | 600 pages | PDF | 10 MB

The scientific analysis of design thinking continues to burgeon and is of considerable interest to academic scholars and design practitioners across many disciplines. This research tradition has generated a growing corpus of studies concerning how designers think during the creation of innovative products, although less focus has been given to analysing how designers think when creating less tangible deliverables such as concepts and user-insights.

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THE TRIAL OF ADOLF HITLER by David King (2017) (Audiobook)
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Language: English | Audiobook | ASIN: B071FHNTJ4 | 692 MB

The never-before-told story of the scandalous courtroom drama that paved the way for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.
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Pif Gadget New Series 01-53
English | PDF, JPG | Comic Collection | 3.48 GB

Pif Gadget was a French comic magazine for children that ran from 1969 to 1993 and 2004 to 2009. Its readership peaked in the early 1970s.


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